Heavy Times

Chicago's Heavy Times return with a dark breath of grunge-throttled garage that's huffing from the same crust that drove Wipers and Huskers alike. The pace is potent on Fix It Alone, but its hard to run with oil in your veins. The constant tension push-pulling the grooves of the record is palpable, a general back-alley grit that cuts like a stick n' poke through the gnarled skin of the songs. Its not all gravel and grist though, there's plenty of melody that breaks through the cracks in the rust to reveal a thriving pop engine underneath that tough exterior. As the album progresses those cracks grow larger breaking wide as it crests to the second side with clean toned anthems like "Trouble Walker" and "River's Edge" bubbling over with a fizzing kind of thrust that fills floors with kids, arms raised to fists and thrown to the whims of the crowd. The record's been a long time coming and its worth it to hear the band careening into their own walls and busting them down with a reckless willingness to let it all crumble down.


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