Beach Day

Once you get past the name and its connections to a dozen other beach themed outfits that immediately spring to mind, Beach Day's debut is a gleefully charming summer classic. Built on a platform of saccharine sweet garage pop that digs around the Motown/Specter axis well then channels it through the soul-swung stomp of The Detroit Cobras, Trip Trap Attack is as sunny a record as the band's name might suggest. Seeing them live the biggest shock comes from the realization that the record's powerful vocals emanate from Kimmy Drake's slight frame, feeling every bit like your kid sister just belted out a note perfect Adele cover at the dinner table to stunned aunts all around. Said vocals anchor the record, giving it not only that Crystals/Ronnettes timbre but also setting them far apart from a dozen other bands swinging through the girl group fringes. The bulk of Trip Trap flits through hip shaking pop songs that ought to serve a dozen playlists for the rest of the summer but the band wind things down to a plaintive hush on the aching "Seventeen", proving they've got more than a few tricks in their bag. However, the band is at its best when their songs aim to make the listener smile and escape in the flood of harmony and a crush of pop so fizzy it can barely contain itself.


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