Wyatt Blair

Burger alum Wyatt Blair strikes out with a power pop tart of his own, owing as much to the new school of Hunx, Tuff and Nobunny as it does to the senior class poppers of Speedies, 20/20 and The Quick. Blair is himself no new recruit to the school of sugar shocked guitar rock, having done time in Feeding People, Peach Kelli Pop, Cosmonauts and a few others. Here he's in full force hip swagger with cherries on top. The record is practically fizzing over with the kind of pop confections that are a staple of the Fullerton label's core crew. It’s a dancing in the aisles, dancing on the tables hand-clapper of an album. With the exception of a couple of side-end skits, its wall to wall malt shop hoppers, keeping the denim vest crowds boppin' heads and the Walkmens set on auto-repeat all summer long. Another Burger well done.


Support the artist. Buy it: HERE (tape) & HERE (digital)
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