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Julian House's first outing since The Focus Group's collaboration with Broadcast continues the trip further down the Radiophonic rabbit hole. A mash of library music, dust-licked crackles and pops and disembodied dialog, The Elektrik Karousel is full to brimming with whimsy on the edge of unease. Its like being sucked into a children's storybook and turned upside down with an outside force flipping the pages back and forth at random, lost to the control of the reader and narrator. Its a Sid and Marty Croft hallucinogenic head wobble that begs the listener to let go and allow the blinking lights on the control panel to soothe them into a stupor of twinkles and winks. House enlists the help of Broadcast to weave his batch of Burroughs-ian cutups and lysergic, fractured jazz poems into a sort of working order, forever disconnected and forever engrossing. As usual it’s packed in a Ghost Box sleeve of the highest order, nothing less for the director himself here. Kicking myself for not picking this up on a recent trip abroad but imports can be had below.


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