Sic Alps

On the heels of one of their finest albums, Sic Alps nail the follow up with a trio of songs that lean towards their poppiest and still hardest hitting sides. The title track, "She's On Top" is all detached swagger and low slung licks, pounding out a hard-knuckled bit of guitar crunch. They slow for a second to cool it off on "Carrie Jean" and then run full steam into closer "Biz Bag" with that same gristled blast of psych-pop fury. Considering the heft and heart of the last record, these are certainly no leftovers, so be they one-off treat or a taste of what's to come - who cares? They're a sweet offering from one of the strong front-runners of rock's gritty underbelly. Sic Alps have always been generous in their short form offerings and this one slots itself in nicely with that Slumberland single from a few years back and their "Battery Townsley" 7" from last year. Recognize that all Alps material is released on a need to have basis.

[Stream] Sic Alps - Biz Bag

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