Mozes and the Firstborn

The Burger Buds tap into the Dutch garage contingent with a tape release of the finest young pips in the Koninkrijk der Nederlanden. Certainly taking a few nods from their American counterparts in San Francisco, Chicago and Memphis; the eponymous album rolls through classic rock motions with more than a touch of youthful swagger that skirts the line between winking in-jokes and flat out rock wunderkind territory, much like the first Pangea album that popped up on ye Olde Burger Recs a while back. Though the boys here seem to have lucked into a slightly finer level of fidelity than that nugget of pop joy. Gotta say the Dutchmen show promise and, hell, someone has to pick up the Nederbeat yoke from Q65 and Shocking Blue (kidding, kidding I'm sure there have been plenty of greats between then and now). When do those knucklheads in Fullerton sleep? So many tapes, so little time, but this one ought to get you through the weekend when that itch for rattled garage pop with a chewy center strikes.


Support the artist. Buy it: HERE (tape) or HERE (digital)
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