Useless Eaters

Taking his garage grind out of the lo-fi murk and into the studio, Seth Sutton pulls Useless Eaters into a new phase and it finally brings the potential bubbling below the hiss-crackled surface of those early records to the frontline. Hypertension still has the vein-bulging urgency of Sutton's past pursuits but now that urgency is practically fizzing in the wires trying to get out of your speakers. Hooks butt heads with tangled knots of spiky guitar, the occasional foray into buzzing, evil keys and even a bit of strum that winds down the pace for some pop bounce along the way. All the while Sutton runs down tales of alienation, relationship woes and childhood scars. It’s certainly more than a few steps forward for the prolific Sutton and hopefully a turning point out of the bedroom and into a new phase of clean cornered material with that same old bite.


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