The Dentists - Some People Are On The Pitch They Think It's All Over It Is Now!
Niche market vinyl reissues have been steadily saving obscurities from the dollar bins and collector's circles in the past few years and the reemergence of The Dentists
can only be testament to that. Released to little acclaim on the tiny Spruck label in 1985, the album was originally written off as rehashed flower-pop by plenty of reviewers owing largely to some over-the-top titles that, honestly, don't really downplay that impression. However, on closer listen the band had a lot more to do with what would later emerge as Britpop, mixed with a jangled sense of emerging American college rock that was forming across the pond right around the same time. Yes, admittedly a love for The Byrds filtered through, but with a punk edge underneath that would contrast their bright, sunny disposition. Its that sense of edge underneath the jangle that's made this a much more enduring record than it was thought on its first go 'round and more than likely why Trouble in Mind have sought to put it back on shelves in 2013. The band kept at it through lineup changes and some shaky introduction to American audiences until 1995 when their Wharton Tiers produced album Deep Six did just that to the band's efforts at commercial acceptance and they dissolved. Good to have this back in print though to remind a newly jangle-conscious public what a great band they were and how their journey got started.

[MP3] The Dentists - Tangerine

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