Ketamines - All The Colours of Your Heart 7"
Ketamines' last album received a fair amount of play around RSTB's stereo last year, so new material comes with open arms. And though we hadn't heard about the band's Paul Lawton pissing off Canada, it seems they're having a
banner year in 2013. In addition to a new album, You Can't Serve Two Masters, on the way this summer the band's releasing a series of four 7"s across as many labels. The first up is "All The Colours of Your Heart" which leaps out of the gate with a scratchy garage funk that's not been attempted this well since Carter left office. With loping guitar and organg lines and a hell of a hook, this is some prime Ketamines here. The b-side kicks it back to the territory of jangles, and with good results as well. Its a nice first step into the series and certainly reason to be anxious for more to come. This first installment is out on Toronto's own Pleasance Records and limited to 300.


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