Jon Collin

Brit tape-slingers Winebox Press, who have the awesome habit of recycling wooden furniture into small press tape casings, occasionally also take a few forays into the world of small press vinyl as well. Here they make such a press for Jon Collin, a UK slide guitar improviser who lays down a set of live six-string improv that floats, picks, rings and quivers with the tortured soul at the heart of the experimental delta. His tracks may seem unmoored but they ebb and flow with a kind of nighttime intensity that's only companion seems to be the tape hiss that creeps steadily under the set. High Peak Selections is raw but not impenetrable, feeling like the spaces between runs on intense finkerpicked records; it acts as an exercise in halting downtime, a celebration of cracks in the surface. As with all of Winbox's releases, this is not long for the world and the quantities are slim.


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