Ill Wind - Flashes
This Boston band only issued one album, but it was an unsung powerhouse of folk rock from 1968 that bore more than a passing resemblance to Jefferson Airplane, Ivory or Fairport Convention. They relied on sunny strums and a male /
female vocal split that tended towards the strongest when Connie DeVanney took the reigns, belting out Grace Slick indebted powerful folk vox. Though the record was released on ABC Records, it suffered a lack of promotion, and as with many albums of the time, this ultimately led to its getting overlooked amongst a sea of similar releases. The record has found a new life in collector's circles and reissue circuits and rightfully so, as even though it suffers from a few overbearing social-issue focused lyrics of the time, its still a powerful piece of the 60's subculture.

[MP3] Ill Wind - High Flyin' Bird

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