Human Eye

Just months after Timmy Vulger brought down the sleaze with his project Timmy's Organism, Detroit's sickest scuzz monger returns to take the insanity soaked Human Eye out for another ride through the tortured soul of rock n roll. The band's still stroking the consciousness of the cosmos on their fourth album proper and its a welcomed sound for those in need of a little bit of psychotic boogie in their daily lives. Though, what is this? A softer side of Human Eye pokes its head through the fog on a few midpoint tracks. Is this a new leaf? Not to worry, the band still brings the froth and furor of old for the majority of the album. Vulger is a Detroit institution at this point and if you've never had the pleasure of seeing the Eye live on stage in all their paper-mache-shark-head-glory, burning down riffs like so much kindling, then you're at a disadvantage I'm afraid. Get out and experience Human Eye where they're meant to be - on stage, ripping the universe a new one! In the meantime pick up 4: Into Unknown to at least give your hi-fi speakers a taste of the action and rattle a few cages with the home edition.


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