Over the years RSTB has found it hard to ignore the Gunslingers and the subsequent iterations of its enigmatic element GR. Gregory Raimo rides alone here, no Slingers, no Expansion, but he's still wobbling the tense edge of the psychedelic desert with the fury he brought to both of those outfits. Hell, maybe more so. Little tethers this to the ground, just a wild smash of drums and the heatsick guitars of Raimo flailing at the sky, begging onlookers to move along and leave him to his terrifying visions. Maybe the closest comparisons here are to Plastic Crimewave Sound but even they sometimes keep a foot on the terrestrial plane. A Reverse Age gets right into the murky stink of it, flaying open blues like hundred pound tunas and painting the walls with the deepest reserves of filth therein. Gas huffin' hippies and wannabe rockers got nothing on the Francofied assault of Raimo in his deepest states of guitar euphoria. Mexican Summer often takes a gamble on a hunch or obsession and this is certainly one of those times. I imagine those aren't the records that bankroll a good year in music, but I'm damn glad that they make them. This is one of those fine gems, a psychedelic outlier in a field of pop that'll get those with the right kinda ears through the night.

[stream] GR - Low-Born

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