Fuzz - Sleigh Ride 7"
After a year that seemed exhausting even from a bystander's perspective, Ty Segall seems to be slowing the pace in 2013 and focusing all his energies on Fuzz with partner in crime Charlie Mootheart. The band amps up
its monikered aesthetic and locks down a Sabbath level of stomp into the kind of three minute garage flayers that can never come often enough around these parts. Just as with the Trouble in Mind split this one lays down two tracks that seem both acceptable a-side fodder, which bodes well for an album hopefully on the way this fall. The title track, "Sleigh Ride" doesn't exactly conjure Christmas cheer, rather barreling down a hill at top speed with little to no regard for self or safety. Its a chuggin' bit of proto-metal blast that feels choked in exhaust and redlined to the core. The flip somehow turns the guitar doom up higher with the aforementioned Sabbath-isms frothing from the gate on the guitar grooves, though instead of Ozzie's high octane yowl, its Ty keeping things slacker sinister over the top of the instrumental fury they create. The first single peaked interest, but this one practically begs for more. Its on now. 2013 is the year the Fuzz descends.

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It seems that SPIN has a lock on this track so go over there for a face melting.

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