Wax Idols

A stark departure from the sound that Heather Fedewa (now going under the name Heather Fortune) laid down on her HoZac debut, Discipline & Desire sees her pulling the full band into the writing and studio fold and diving down tunnels slick with the dark debris of goth-tipped new wave. Aside from the gloomy shadows though, the record is a much more fleshed out and well produced affair, strengthening Fortune's songwriting and jumping off of the rhythmically propulsive platform set forth by the "Schadenfreude" single from last year. The LP holds much more common ground with that two shot than with her past album, trading in garage punk hooks for icy guitar shards and a dance hazed seriousness that's sometimes overshadows her knack for melody. The tracks work best when layered in an angrily choked feedback fog as with standout track "AD RE:IAN" or loosening up the rhythm reins as Fortune begins to on the last few tracks that round out the album, leading to the shimmering close of "Stay In." It’s a mature sound for Fortune and the band as a whole and promises to kick up the fog machines and bring down a few hair shaded dance moves in the live setting.


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