The Living Eyes

The Aussie hits keep a coming and no surprise Mikey Young from Eddy Current had a hand in the recording of this sucker. The band follows up on an EP on the Spanish label Saturno, and a 7" last year also on Anti-Fade with a proper debut that fully embraces their low-slung rock instincts. The band was one of the highlights from last year's Aussie Nuggets compilation and they completely inhabit the spirit of the era emulated on that comp. Recorded in a whip-shot two day session in Geelong, their eponymous debut revels in volume and the kind of dirty twangin' rawk that's in no short supply these days but its damn welcome every time it hits the veins like a rush of adrenaline to the heart. Snotty, impudent, incorrigible garage tones that want nothing more than to corrupt. In the way 60's Nuggets tropes wanted to kick down the doors and steal your daughters, that's the very core of The Living Eyes’ sound. There's a sneer at the end of every line and a whiff of axle grease in every chord. Embrace it and play this shit as loud as the knobs allow. The record is out April 1st. LP through Anti Fade, CD through Z-Man. Put it on your wishlist, because you need this one!


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