The Go

Leave it to Burger to bring back a band that hasn't dropped on the RSTB stereo in quite a while. Back in 1999 The Go's debut was a damn fine stomper that ripped out of Detroit with Bobby Harlow and the boys riding the wave of late 90's garage revival. Now the band is just as potent and the twenty cuts on Fiesta attest to that fact. They've kept the output pretty consistent since that Sub Pop debut, popping out a few albums and a ton of singles on small labels while diversifying their aggressive garage to include a wealth of 60's pop tropes. It’s that love of 60's pop that has this record janglin' and swaying through the runouts. The band has certainly embraced their inner McCartneys and Harrisons on this record but they can still get dirty, with the deep middle cuts adding a rougher, funkier crunch to the mix. Best to jump on this one while it sticks around (ltd to 1000), its got the Burger mark of quality and its good to hear the band keeping in fine form.


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