Psychic Ills

If, in 2005, you told me that One Track Mind was a Psychic Ills record I'd have said you were lying. The album marks the most straightforward, head-on rock record of the band's career and the most focused statement from them since Dins quite honestly. Its definitely a progression in the line of songwriting from Hazed Dream, but here they perfect their weary swagger and dusky rasped midnight guitar jams into something far more tangible. The production by Neil Michael Hagerty seems to have cracked the band out of their psychedelic haze and instead focused their energy into the kind of sinking-into-the-floor drug jams they've always been urging towards. Its a heavy, throbbing record with enough melodic touches to keep listeners nodding along and never nodding out. Its the late night vibes that really make the record. One Track Mind feels like coming down easy, shaking off the night and letting the last trickle of bourbon coat your tongue before the sun rises. It revels in those pre-dawn hours when the city seems like yours alone and the pain and consciousness of last night's actions haven't fully sunk in.


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