Endless Boogie

This one's a kick in the face of all those good ole boys who say that they don't make rock records any more. The ones who'll tell you that rock attained perfection in '74 and nobody will ever touch it again. Long Island is the hairiest, dirty witch-blues stomper since Endless Boogie's last record and its a complete and total drop out boogie, chooglin' monster 'til the end. Top Dollar's voice is hitting the pagan ceremonial vibes via Don Van Vilet and the band is powerful enough, to paraphrase Duck Dunn, to turn goat piss into gasoline. No band has ever really embodied their moniker the way Endless Boogie have, the band cook jams like they've been bred to do it and just keep snaking their way on through the night. Guitars cascade down like rain on windows, tug and chug like a heart murmur and all the while that bass just marks the time like a compulsion. Needless to say this is an essential piece of 2013.


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