Unabashed psych-pop can be a beautiful thing. Those who indulge in the deep end of the paisley pool have a certain openness that seems to seep through like sun through blinds on a sunny summer's morning, and judging from the fact that one of the tracks on Campfires' latest is dedicated to Bill Doss, it seems safe to assume that Jeff Walls has waded into those waters for some time. Its been a while actually since Campfires graced our ears, a 7" on Mexican Summer to be exact, but the songwriting seems to have congealed into a mix of sunny strums and lo-fi workouts that hold onto the tape-scratched aesthetics of the last few years and run with them. Walls has a knack for melody and that comes beaming through with an earnestness that scoops up your Elephant 6 collection and makes musical snow angels out of their whole catalog. This one's in short supply on the vinyl front so get to linkin' below and pick it up before it’s a sunshine pop white whale.


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