Bitchin' Bajas

Its been a minute since we heard the psychedelic slide of Cooper Crane's Bitchin' Bajas around here. Following up on a pair of splits (one with Moon Duo and one with Faceplant) Crane along with Mahjongg's Dan Quinlivan have delved deep into the kosmiche caverns to craft two sidelong pieces of drone float that far outstrip many of their contemporaries who are often trying for similar effect and fall short of transcendence. But where they fail, the Bajas just float on past, weaving synth drones and subtle flutes into the kind of headphone candy that's perfect for a walk around pulsing masses the city. Best of all, they don't limit themselves to just keeping things meditative; fully embracing the "Krau" end of their Krausend EP they gently morph the simmering synths into a Kraut-flecked hypnotic beat on the title track, keeping things moving while still seaming to float above the listener in some sort of morotik bliss. The second side is no less absorbing, starting with more of a pulse than its A-side compliment but still surfing that wave of kosmiche foam that crested at the close of Krausend. The onslaught of synth seems to have stemmed a bit from the past few years, but thankfully that seems to be because the imitators who thought it easy territory to toggle some keys on their Hammond preset have dropped off and only the true drone weavers like Bitchin' Bajas remain to keep you floatin'. Check out an edit of the title track below.


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