Because its been a while and because I have so many great tracks that would easily fit into the re-released feature, if only labels would re-release some great underrated records; I'm reinstating the Jukebox. At least for a little while I am. Seems a shame to sit on such greatness. Search out the full lengths where you can and know that these are just the tip of the iceberg.

[MP3] The Quick - Pretty Please Me
The Quick's Mondo Deco has seen a proper reissue, but it lacks one of the band's most biting tracks. Their soft punk on the record always needed a little bit of leather toughness and they achieve that on the single "Pretty Please Me" The chorus is sugar soft but the verses are where the band brings the swagger. The song wasn't officially released on album but showed up on a 7" released to the band's fan club. A few great covers exist as well from Red Kross and The Dickies but the original still packs the punch. Speaking of covers, Warm Soda - your move on this one. We'll release it if you wanna lay this one down to wax.

[MP3] The Undertones - You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It)
Another great track relegated to the single bin but never to an album proper. This Undertones cut rates as one of my favorites and though the world wants to play "Teenage Kicks" to death, this is the Undertones jam for me (well this and "Get Over You". The song showed up on a number of compilations including the vinyl issue of Cher O' Bowlies and a few other Best Ofs and its well worth tracking down on wax where you can find it.

[MP3] The Flys - Can I Crash Here?
Speaking of tracks relegated to bonus status and of albums that need reissues, The Flys excellent Waikiki Beach Refugees bolstered in a CD only reissue that is not out of print by the inclusion of this b-side cut. The CD now goes for hundreds but it could use a vinyl reissue that includes this essential jam in the mix.

[MP3] The Scientists - Teenage Dreamer
Another one that needs to be lavished with the vinyl rebirth in this day of reissues. Widely known as "The Pink Album," The Scientists' debut is an essential of Aussie punk and this cut fleshes out all the fantasies of teenage punk idolatry. Kinda like a mantra for life here.

[MP3] The Phones - I'm So Neat
A twin cities gem that appeared on a single and stayed in relative obscurity, though the band has issued it on CDs here and there. This was the band's first single and its off-kilter punk / new wave still resonates. The band's catalog is due for a vinyl issue, if for no other reason than to get this gem back into the vinyl grooves.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thx

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Philippe Desaulniers said...

I miss these Jukeboxes so much! Some of the earliest garage rock I heard was on your jukebox mixes a couple years back. Keep em coming!

6:22 PM  

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