Wet Illustrated - Scorpio Wings 7"
January remains a time to sweep up those great tidbits of 2012 that got missed in the last year and one such item is this great single from one of our favorites around here, Wet Illustrated. The band lay this one down for Jeff The Brootherhood camp Infinity Cat
Recordings and its a double shot of their taught guitar rock that's cracked with pop rocks n' soda energy and an edgy tension always feels ready to spill the edges of their nooks and hooks. There exist bands that always seem to boggle the mind how they don't catch on and Wet Illustrated is one of those. Chalk it up to timing. Chalk it up to circumstance but if you missed out on their cracking album 1x1x1 then by all means pick it up now and nab this single in the process. A double A side to be sure and one that probably would have made our best singles list had circumstances put it in our lap in time.


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