Veronica Falls

When a band writes a record that you hold in such high esteem, news of the follow-up always comes with a certain mix of excitement and unease. Honestly, up to this point, there has been no record more eagerly anticipated around these parts than Veronica Falls' sophomore LP Waiting For Something To Happen. And the band absolutely nails their second outing. The record is everything that could have been hoped coming off of the debut. Its still perching on the edge of sweet and sinister, the sugary sweetness of the three part harmonies tempered by the sense of unrest running like a fierce current just under the surface. The highs are higher on this outing, following in the steps taken by their recent single "My Heart Beats" (included on the album) and picked up in the bittersweet strums of the title track and new single "Teenage". Plus, a new record means the band hits the road again soon and they're always a treat in the live setting. Put this one high on your pickup list for 2013.


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