The Shivvers - Lost Hits From Milwaukee's First Family Of Powerpop 1979-82
The Shivvers are one of the great power pop tragedies, shoulda beens that never quite got to achieve what they were destined for. After recording the sugar-pop
blast of "Teen Line" penned by singer-songwriter/keyboardist Jill Kossoris the band sought to record a proper album and move from their hometown of Milwaukee to Boston. Even though Raspberries frontman Eric Carmen offered to help produce, it seemed that the band were destined to be lost to fate. Kossoris fell ill and didn't make the move and the band disbanded. But they left behind more than just that fist single, their were plenty of recorded tracks that should have made for a great album and are all collected here to be given praise far after the fact. It would be no overstatement to say that any power pop collection worth its weight in sugar would be incomplete without at least one track from these Midwest stalwarts. If you're not familiar, its highly recommended you start here and soak in the whole collection.

[MP3] The Shivvers - Teen Line

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