Koen Holtkamp and Brendon Anderegg have always managed to create achingly beautiful music in their time as Mountains and each new release sees them hone their craft and plunge listeners further into depths of sound. Recorded both live and at Telescope Studios in Brooklyn, Centralia is an echoing, quavering world of synth and sweep augmented by plaintive plucks of guitar and the faint hum of strings. The duo has a superb ability to blend the pastoral with the classical and the traditional with the experimental to create a sound that feels familiar and completely disorienting at the same time. The disorienting effect plays heavily into the mood of Centralia, though it could apply to most of their works, and it gives the album a heady sense of melancholy that hangs like a shroud over the songs. Perhaps not a companion piece to sunny afternoons, but for the cold months ahead Centralia might be just the ticket.

[MP3] Mountains - Living Lens

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