Grouper's Liz Harris never ceases to release quietly captivating music full of perfectly waterlogged electronics and obfuscated strums. Though her last double album of sonic wonder, A I A was sublimely beautiful in its own right, many still hold Dragging A Dead Dear Up a Hill to be her definitive statement and there are two reasons to rejoice in that this year. The first being that Dead Deer itself is seeing another reissue (act quick on that as those never stay in print long) and the other is that Harris is releasing The Man Who Died In His Boat an album recorded during the Dead Deer sessions that evokes much of the same hushed charm and secret world glimpses as its more well known predecessor. Grouper albums always seem to tap into some unknown vibration of the Universe and allow you to slip through the pale for just a moment into the grey and silver gauze that Harris has woven into bittersweet pieces of tessellating ennui. Though her words never quite come through the veil of consciousnesses it always seems apparent what Harris is trying to evoke and The Man Who Died In His Boat is another sweet breath of her emotional vapor. 2013 has already been off to a booming start musically and this is definitely going to end up as one of the essential albums of the year.


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