The new wave of synth is still going strong and Night-People have picked up two heavy new contenders in Goldendust and Featureless Ghost. The former is a duo from NP's Iowa homeland that builds on a steady throb and snap of digital drums and a give and take of sinister keys and catchy exuberance. The duo are indebted to their darkwave forebears but seem to keep the current scene's sense of experimentalism and genre-mashing alive, devolving some tracks into sparse minimalist sine wave sliders and others into heavily hazed dance grooves. The whole of their eponymous album is tied together with a sense of outsider angst and though darkwave has a tendency to feel urban in its aesthetics, they keep a wide-plains feeling of small town isolation on the edges of the record. This has to be one of my favorite synth record to come down the pile in a while and of course, as a Night-People release, its wrapped in Shawn Reed's essential artwork as a bonus.

[MP3] Goldendust - Forever Midnight

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