Though they're from Santiago, Chile, Föllakzoid feel beamed in from another plane. To hear them talk about themselves, they seem to think that too, asserting that "there is some sort of gravitational force that makes South America able to dialogue directly with other places, times, and dimensions." Whichever dimensions they've tapped into seem perfectly in sync with RSTB's natural gravitations as well. Their latest, II hums and seethes, pulsates like an organic beast and locks into a Kraut-induced groove so heavy that it seems no fan of the progressive Grerman beat could ever ignore this. It feels stripped out of time and place, as if Ash Ra Temple and Amon Düül sat in as human hued replacements for Achim Reichel's Machines. The songs are, as could be expected, long and winding affairs that tessellate, mutate and decimate the ripples of bass and beat that peak through the prog curtain of keys swaying perilously over the top of the fray. Its been a while since a record created a vortex like this through the speaker cabinets in the ol' RSTB stereo but this one's go the juice.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have an amazing music blog! I've gone through so many in the past couple of years, looking for something that reflected the music I love myself while also expanding my tastes outward a bit, and this is the only one I've come upon that does just that. Very well done!


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