Fatal Jamz

Burger's been snapping up the pop gems lately, first Gap Dream and Sam Flax and now the bittersweet bounce of Fatal Jamz. Vol. 1 collects a slew of glam-tipped pop tracks strained through a veil of psych and produced by Dan Home of Beachwood Sparks. There's a good deal of guitar crunch going on but underneath the pop hooks and glam punk moves there beats a real heart to Belle's songwriting that comes shining through in the saccharine urgency of "Another Crystal Morning" and the soft psych-country touches on "Remember Waikiki". Much like labelmate Flax, Fatal Jamz seem to lock into a very perceptible production aesthetic and he riffs off of the 80's pop palette, layering swift nostalgic touches on top of one another and syth-styling glam while at the same time kicking earnest 80's crooners in the solar plexus with a hangover of hip swagger from the 70's. It seems like an album that's built on obsessions and passions equally, a love letter to the past with the chops to pull it off.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant! But cassette only? That's a little too retro.

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