Bleeding Rainbow

Seeing this band evolve from a two-piece banging out short garage-pop bursts to a fully formed four-piece makes this record all the more fulfilling. Live, the band is grinding out 90's inflected thrashers that combine the brute force of the Wipers with the cleaner pop moments of mid-period Sonic Youth. Now add to that the sonic swirl of MBV's production in the studio and Yeah Right begins to take shape. I believe there's even a pie chart the band made to this effect on their Facebook page. You have to love that kind nerd enthusiasm for breaking down your influences. It seems that thickening out the backline behind the original husband and wife duo of Rob and Sarah has really brought them into a new dimension that picks up where Prism Eyes left off and drives deep into the heart of their rock passions. The album is at its best though when embracing its inner pop heart, like the candy coated fuzz of "Drift Away" or the soft punk punch and bouncy release of RSTB favorite "Waking Dream" that plays with harmonies in a way that recall a much heavier Veronica Falls. Definitely the best the band have put forward and deserving of the subtle name change and split with their past as its certainly the beginning of a new era for them.


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