Bill Wilson - Ever Changing Minstrel
Word has it that Bill Wilson sought out famed producer Bob Johnston to help him out with this record and after a hasty living room session the Blonde On Blonde producer agreed to help
record and even wrangled a few of his high ranking session crew to flesh it out. The album is a stripped and torn bit of folk that's rooted in a blues roux that cooks up nice. The record was released on Columbia (much to Johnston's credit) but never sold. Probably the ugly rainbow massacre of a cover didn't help but it’s too bad as the contents were pretty spot on for the time. Tompkins Square founder Josh Rosenthal, who stumbled on the record in a dollar bin and sought out the rights to bring it back to light, saved the record from obscurity. The record swings well for fans of Dylan, naturally but also Byrds spin-offs like Gene Clark and to a lesser extent Gram Parsons and Townes Van Zandt. Those players may have well deserved their high ranking but Wilson's a second tier runner shooting for their highs while writing about the gutter he's looking up from.

[MP3] Bill Wilson - Pay Day Give Away

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