The Memories

I'd overlooked the last Memories album. Somehow, for me, it didn't flow. It didn't have enough melodic clutch. I liked a few bits but it didn’t’ hit me the way it hit others. However, the band has followed it nicely with this excellent tape (which has sadly burnt through its pressing) on Burger. Love is the Law is still full of low rent swagger and sleeve-hearted odes to swooning love but this time all the blocks are in place and it feels like the right combination of strummy sways and catchy choruses. The band is headed towards penning a pop gem here and its clear from the highlights like the Real Estate tinged "I Remember You" or the Spanish spoof "En Espanol" that they’ve finally hit some stride. High hopes for what they create next. Though, this one could use a vinyl run as well. Its scant 250 run hardly does it justice.


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