The Bad Lovers

Time to take a spin through those 2012 gems that got lost in the RSTB "to review" pile and surely shouldn't suffer being overlooked. This LP from Austin's The Bad Lovers is certainly one that should get its due this year. As with several of their Austin contemporaries; its a dirty, swaggered bit of rock that's flung from the hip with the kind of bravado that's palpable in the air yet with the kind of undisputed quiet cool that's felt in the spaces between chords and burnt like a brand into show-weary denim. Its locked into the same late 70's worship of garage-doored punk with its eyes on 60's proto-punkers (which is a damn fine place to be) that many of the other Texas punks are onto but while they're not cutting a wholly original swath they're cutting the one they got with a fury to be felt. A damn fun record, well worth the price of admission.

[MP3] The Bad Lovers - Actin' Strange

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