Peaking Lights - in dub

There's something about doing a dub version of a dub rooted record that sounds like an endless spiral but where a dub of a dub in the tape world usually results in a loss of quality, here it seems to crack the sheen off rather nicely. The original Lucifer was somehow not what I was looking for. That's no slight on Coyne and Dunis' talent, its just that once they moved towards something more crystalline, it lost that dirty, washy, tape-scratched feeling tucked into a cavernous bed of room shaking bass that I kinda always loved about them in the first place. Lucifer In Dub seems to hit that sweet spot again and pull me under like a heavy dub undertow. Yeah, to be fair this isn't a Kingston classic straight out of Channel One Studios but its thumping that bridge between the past's excitement at experimentation with form and the present's acknowledgment that its a loved but worn production style that makes this slice of psych-dub particularly enticing. In any case it throbs like I wanted Lucifer to, though as with the original it could use a few less echoing baby coos and it would be nice to marry this deepened low end to those sharpened guitars on the original. In the valley between Lucifer and Lucifer In Dub lies a vision of sound that the band will hopefully arrive at when the next album rolls around.


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