Overhang Party - Complete Recordings
Leave it to Important to pick up some of the greatest bits of Japanese psych's rich past and make them available again for (somewhat) mass consumption. Overhang Party were a group that
involved a rotating cast rooted around founder Rinji Fukuoka. Their first LP, which had a 200 copy run on its original '93 release, is included here along with the rest of their catalog and a few bonus tracks for good measure. The band had a habit of switching styles, and while they weren't all incongruous, it makes for a pretty varied listening across this set. For my money the band begin to really hit their stride (and more essential years) around the second and third records. The first, their S/T debut, is more interested with improvisation and floating drones. Still a fine work mind you, but the band solidify into some scorching guitar passages and a more vocal direction on Overhang Party 2, which probably stands as their best work here. On the subsequent Overhang Party 4 the band keep some guitar fury kicked to the wind but round it out with a bit of mellow lean on piano in their compositions and a structure that relies heavier on "the build" as a technique. For the ardent fans this also includes the band's unreleased final recordings on the fourth disc. These have a slower pace and more burnt sunset feel to them. A nice psychedelic sundowner to close out the collection. Definitely a must for fans of the Japan's '90s psych scene (Acid Mothers, White Heaven, etc.) and if you're reading these pages, there's a good chance that might be you. Pin this nicely priced set on your holiday wish list.

[MP3] Overhang Party - La Fièvre

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