Johnny Thunders - L.A.M.F.
Ok despite being in a weird state of reissue flux this is one of the essential '77 punk pickups and a great collection of some of Thunders' best. Yes So Alone is his bared soul but this is the stuff that legends were made of. On its
release L.A.M.F.M which naturally stands for Like A Motherfucker (what else was it gonna stand for), was commercial non-happening. It certainly wasn't the declarative statement that Thunders wanted it to be and more to the point it was caked under a ton of bad recording and production, having gone through some 250 mixes at the time of inception. Thankfully the release has undergone several revisions that strip away the noisy production work to reveal the great songs beneath and whether you pick it up in "revisited" form or "lost '77 mixes" form (both a little different and with slightly adjusted track inclusions and running order) there's much to be found here. Yes, Richard Hell split to create his own masterpiece and Television got all the glory but still these tracks are a true part of the late '70s punk canon and a necessity for collectors or pogoing teens anywhere. Purists and armchair critics will argue which mix is better (both are better than the original so who cares) but the result is still a damn fine bit of classic crunch.

[MP3] Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Can't Keep My Eyes On You

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