Over the past few years Tyvek have continued to hollow out their existence in a pocket of the Detroit music scene that borders its punk roots and its noise present. They've consistently knocked out albums that feel like a raw nerve in the wind, bracing and jolting, electric in the way they pull at the fine hairs on the back of your neck. Their last was more aggressive, almost bordering an abrasiveness that owed something to hardcore. This time around though the band feels more positive, back to some of their fun-loving past selves. There's even a couple of loose sleeved rockers that inspire beer hoisting and emphatic sing-alongs (see "Wayne County Roads") Their sound is still taught and brittle as clay but with a chewy, fun center that inspires a loss of abandon and the kind of pit flung gyrations that got left behind in our indestructible teens. On Triple Beams is stripped punk like it always has been, needs to remain and hopefully always will be. There need to be bands like Tyvek to remind you that catharsis is a life necessity and that sweat is an elixir.

[MP3] Tyvek - Wayne County Roads
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