Magic Jake and the Power Crystals

Well this one took a minute to get around to and I have no idea how or why. Led by Magic Jake, the bassist from King Tuff along with Bobby Harlow of The Go, this is a body shock of Deeetroit rock that kicks, cuts and crumples to the floor in a heap of exhaustion. Jake's got the magic touch to be sure but takes a less melodic approach to the records than would betray his day job with Tuff. The album has a dirty garage groove that's more swagger than pop hook. With denim jackets dirt caked and guitars loud enough to shake the last support beam from any venue, the band is a throwback to the legion of 2000's rock cutters that burst out of their hometown with a fury a few years back (hell Harlow oughta know he was one of them). There's something to be said about a record that feels like the crunch of discarded cigarettes and the distinctive snap of your shoes sticking to the old beer mottled to the floor of last night's escapades. This is that kind of record; no regrets and barrelin' like a '77 Dodge with its brakes cut. Fuck it. Turn this up.


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