Mad Music Inc. - Mad Music
The world is full of private press records that are found without much information, backstory or credits. Usually though it’s through a storied account of initial disinterest and poor distribution, unfortunate circumstances that
combine to ensconce the release in mystery. In Mad Music Inc.'s case, however, the release seems to have been purposely draped in mystery from its outset. The record was never commercially released but set out on the secondary, collector's market with very little information, no track titles and no pictures of the band. Even on its reissues the companies responsible for bringing it back to the world (Yoga / Drag City) seem mum on details. It seems to be the work of a Bostonian who had the means to enter a studio at the time and hire a crew of studio musicians, most of which are known only for their involvement in disco at the time. The record balances somewhere in the realm of new age float and instrumental piano musings, but with the odd pop up of rhythm that occasionally gives away those players' history in disco. It’s a hard one to pin down but repeated listens make for an interesting float on the tides of lost history. It seems that no more questions will be answered but the world again has Mad Music back in its life.


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