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In the wake of several garage revivals and tangents of late it seems odd that it took this long for someone to round up a proper reissue of Lyres' first two albums. Kind of like The Fall of American garage rock, the band was birthed
out of the demise of DMZ and its leader Jeff "Monoman" Connelly cycled three dozen or so members through its ranks over the band's lifetime. Their first is a raw nerve of garage that owes much to The Kinks' early days, The Seeds, & The Mysterians, Tommy James & The Shondells, and a whole host of Nuggets-era stalwarts. The follow-up took the same blueprint of 60's garage fire but rolled in more of the R&B and soul inspirations that made those Nuggets members pick up their axes in the first place. It’s a deeper and darker bit of garage, with swelling organ and a dirty beat, coated in fuzztone and dripping with hip-swung swagger. The mid-eighties seems like a weird time to embrace full on 60's tropes but Connelly never seemed to care what the trend was, despite his reputation as a cantankerous collaborator, you have to give the guy credit for doing what he wanted and doing it well. Now seems the perfect time to gaze back and give credit to this highly undersung album (and its predecessor).

[MP3] Lyres - She Pays The Rent

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