Lee Gamble

Admittedly I was not a dance music nerd as a kid, so there's no nostalgic factor in the make-up of Lee Gamble's ambient burner Diversions 1994-1996 for me, but its deeply absorbing all the same. The album is made up from the breakdowns and interludes from old Jungle mixtapes but it's much more than the sum of its parts. Those quiet moments in the chaotic fray of dancefloor heat become an amniotic wash of dubbed out beats, room rumble, synth scrawls and the faint crackle of tape that hisses along in the background. Honestly without the foreknowledge of its makeup I'd have know clue this was indebted to the dancefloor, its a high concept that pays off completely in execution. Swathed in throb and a kind of headspace float that begs for the use of headphones as much as any of Pan's releases, Gamble has crafted an intense album that challenges dance's past while pushing its experimental future. A recommended pickup if you want to lay back and melt into the couch in the coming days, weeks or months.


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