Hubble Bubble - Faking
While the S/T Hubble Bubble album is often more highly regarded, to discount Faking is to overlook another great source of glam-stung punk from the depths of time. True this isn't a proper follow up because the majority of the band that
appear on the debut, assembled by Plastic Bertrand, do not appear on this record. In fact only one original member was still in the band, begging why it needed the Hubble Bubble name at all. In the long run if the band had taken on another name this may have elevated its status from the shadow of their debut. Still, if divorced from the reputation of that original, this is a shiny chunk of Bowie-isms and Kim Fowley-flecked glam punk that crunches and swaggers as much as quite a few lauded classics from the overlooked pile of the 70s. The band even turn in a pretty spot-on cover of Fowley's "Motor Boat", bridging the connection ever further with the later, pop side of the punk coin. This would be their last ditch effort at keeping the name alive and its well worth your time whether you hold that name in high esteem or you're just a fan of 70's punk gems in general.

[MP3] Hubble Bubble - Come With Us

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