Heavy Times - I'm Single 7"
Following on last year's Jacker LP, Chicago's Heavy Times return with a triple shot of self-deprecating carbon burnt rock that's chock fulla sweat and just as breathless as anything from their catalog. This seems to almost be a more refined
sound from their album, and well, the world did need an ode to bath salts. The a-side is a slacker anthem for the times with a shout along sensibility and a rumble of guitar barely holding down the rails throughout the end. Second cut hurts just as much as the first (in the best ways of course) with a huge slice of riff and the insistent tempo stomping it out and keeping heads moving and fists held high. The b-side rounds it out with the aforementioned ode to face eating substances of choice from the swamp state, a dark-tipped driver that really caps the whole beast off nicely. Loving this sludgy side of them actually and I'm eager to see what the next record brings.


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