Dead Bugs

There's been a dearth of hushed folk releases around here of late. It seems that folk went out of fashion and the form was swept under the rug in the past few years. However, aside from that stellar release by Mariee Sioux and some lovely works from Donovan Quinn from earlier in the year this tape from Dead Bugs is one of the most striking I've heard in the idiom in 2012. The tape itself a physical issue of Adam Martin's digital release from earlier this year, Soft Drugs is a quiet universe unto itself. Recorded with obvious limitations that turn into charming atmospheres, the album echoes and pings around cavernous rooms while Martin's voice swims languidly above the hushed fray carrying his idiosyncratic lyrics about human connections, loves lost and found. The most endearing part seems to be that Martin sings without the guarded self-consciousness that some artists harbor. It’s a heartfelt record that spills over the edges with sincerity, if not maybe a little fidelity as well. Get this man a studio and see what might come.

[MP3] Dead Bugs - This Is Me

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