Woollen Kits

With their second album of 2012, Woollen Kits achieve the sound they've been aching towards these past few months and past few releases. Four Girls pull in Aussie jangle, VU instincts and more than a few hooks that make it clear why these guys are making as much noise in their homeland as they are. Instilled with the same reverence for 80's Flying Nun and 60's stark strummers that spawned the American Indie movement a few decades ago, the album digs its roots into you on each new listen. With a minimal beat chugging behind the songs, they explore that pale line between noise and yearning then explode with the kind of head-nodders and feet movers that'll plaster mix tapes for years to come. The Australian jangle-pop movement is on fire of late and if your ears aren't pointed southward then you're definitely missing out on some of 2012's best. Woollen Kits are leading that pack along with contemporaries like Boomgates and The Twerps. Get this one on your "must listen" list now.


Support the artist. Buy it: HERE (U.S.) or HERE (AUS)
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Anonymous Trouble In Mind said...

LP/CD out on Nov 13th on Trouble In Mind in the USA & RIP Society down undah! IT RULESSSSSS...

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