Various Artists - Man Chest Hair
RSTB is never one to back down from a good compilation of psych rarities and especially not if the name Finders Keepers is attached. Andy Votel and Doug Shipton have dug deep into Manchester's vaults of psych, psych-funk, glam, proto-punk
and gritty rock to pull up eighteen tracks of rumble and pummel that stands along any of their other compilations. The comp digs up some familiar names like the Beefheartian Stack Waddy and well into the archives for primo cuts from bands without such storied histories (but whom we'd now love to look into much further) like Oscar, Greasy Bear, Socrates, Savory Duck, Urbane Gorilla and a ton more. Certainly one of the most complete overviews of the Manchester heavy rock scene along with plenty of liner notes and biker psych packaging. There are upcoming road trips that are begging for this, cranked to perfection.


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