Ty Segall

So in a year with two other Ty Segall albums already on the docket (three if you count the singles compilation on In The Red) it'd be ludicrous to say this was highly anticipated… but that's just the case. The collaboration with White Fence is pure 60's immersion, done masterfully by both parties, and it’s a case study in psych that should be referenced by all other bands mounting the terrain. Slaugherhouse on the other hand is the first time the full band hit the studio and it really captures the live dynamic, force and spontaneity in full. It’s a brute force of aggression that's familiar to any Ty fan that's ever been face pressed to speakers in the audience. However, Twins is finally Ty set loose in the studio to capture that brilliant balance of pop sensibilities and garage thrust that drew the kids and critics alike in droves to pick up the past few full lengths like siren stung sailors. The album opens up the Segall arsenal and adds a mounded helping of backing vocals, fuzz breakdowns, hooks and hammers to his pop nuggets. Its a distillation of Melted's catchy choruses, Slaugherhouse's double-foot kick and those psych records that helped Hair come to fruition. In the end though its pure Ty and his ability to make those ingredients cook like a punk frittata into a heap of goodness. If you think your 2012 collection of Ty Segall records is complete, better shove over some space in the S section for one more classic.


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