Toy Love - Live at the Gluepot 1980
As mentioned here before, Toy Love's S/T LP is a highly undersung classic, but its also not always an accurate representation of the band's sound as it stood in the live environment. The album left
members of the band a bit disappointed and they always thought it smoothed a few of the rough edges off of their more angular and spirited sound. Now Goner has unearthed one of the band's last live performances, recorded from the soundboard September 1980 at The Gluepot in Ponsonby, Auckland. The live record powers through many of the LP tracks and gives them a crackling intensity that lends a definite amount of credit to the band's claims about their studio recordings. Though personally I like both the live and studio cuts, they just seem to highlight different shades of the songs' brilliance. Knox and co. keep it short and sweet with deadpan banter between tracks, but who's here for the commentary? For those of us too young, and certainly too far away from New Zealand in 1980 to see the band in its glory, this comes as a saving grace and a welcome document of a band that would go on to inspire countless other countrymen to take up guitars and pummel the world with chords and choruses that spread like a welcome disease in the ensuing years.


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