The Soft Moon

Luis Vasquez returns with a new Soft Moon album, this time with the burden of expectations on his head, and he rises to the challenge amicably. Still rooted in the gothic clutches of post-punk and still sparse and driving as ever, Zeroes takes a black clad hammer to the monuments that his debut built. Then from the rubble up, the new album is reassembled; dark and pulsating, still with a heavy emphasis on instrumental rumbles but also pushing further into 80's pop territory with lean, icy vocals and shards of brittle glass guitar. Vasquez' songwriting evokes the dark creeping loneliness of night drives and empty streets. It’s a soundtrack to inner struggle, full of torment and misgivings and creeping temptations. And quite honestly, it’s exactly what we were hoping Vasquez would bring forth from his latest mission to the studio. Sometimes its good to be reminded of the dark recesses of pop's over-burdened conscience.

[MP3] The Soft Moon - Insides

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